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Дневник ли Дня... Вникли?

Всё, что вы хотели знать обо мне, но так, вероятнее всего, и не узнаете.

День oldden
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Красивейшая песня...
...про любовные несостыковки.

Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Paul Brady.
Энди поёт и играет на органиструме (колёсной лире), аки Песняр :о)
Донал на гитаре (through the song)
Пол - на тин-вистле и гитаре.

As I roved out on a bright May morning
To view the meadows and flowers gay
Whom should I spy but my own true lover
As she sat under yon willow tree

I took off my hat and I did salute her
I did salute her most courageously
When she turned around well the tears fell from her
Sayin' "False young man, you have deluded me

A diamond ring I owned I gave you
A diamond ring to wear on your right hand
But the vows you made, love, you went and broke them
And married the lassie that had the land"

"If I'd married the lassie that had the land, my love
It's that I'll rue until the day I die
When misfortune falls no man can shun it
I was blindfolded I'll ne'er deny"

Now at nights when I go to my bed of slumber
The thoughts of my true love run in my mind
When I turned around to embrace my darling
Instead of gold sure it's brass I find

And I wish the Queen would call home her army
From the West Indies, Amerikay and Spain
And every man to his wedded woman
In hopes that you and I will meet again.

Околоскрипка поражает воображение!
Хмхм, надо бы переслушать Твоё дудочное исполнение, а то я уже не помню, как Ты наигрывал сегодня эту мелодию=)
В последнем куплете узрела исторический аспект, вот ёлки, никуда не деться)))
А вообще-то красивейше, правда.

Красивая песня... Люблю всякое такое фольклорное :)